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Welcome to the LAMurakami GitHub Pages Static Website GitHub user for all my Repos

Repos for LAM AWS Linux Apache MariaDB in the cloud

After publishing some GitHub Pages I decided that I should upload more repos just for the value for documentation.

Some repos from 2015 when I created my GitHub account for a course

In 2020 when I started investigating GitHub Pages after creating the required repo and making it a GitHub Page I made some of the existing repos GitHub Pages as well. The initial guide I had used had created a page that used Jekyll and the _config.yml to convert the default of a repo into an index.html page. I then used the datasciencecoursera repo and added a /docs directory as the GitHub pages source. This page did not use the Jekyll build process during the publish hook tied to Github seeing a new commit for a repo with GitHub Pages specified. For a third page I used the datasharing repo and created a new gh-pages branch and selected jekyll-theme-cayman from the GitHub web interface. This resulted in a commit with a new _config.yml file that contains theme: jekyll-theme-cayman

In 2022 I started moving the GitHub pages to the default namespage instead of separate domains.

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